I have deliberately spoken of the foundation of the human being, whether it is his desire to become a singer, a top athlete, a clairvoyant, or a bus driver. Without free choice his optimal development will never be possible. The foundation is at the base, just like it is in construction. If we understand the psychological foundation of the human being, we are able to inspect it when cracks appear in the course of life. If we understand the foundation, we can repair the damage. We will not have to plaster over the cracks and holes. Every construction worker knows that. It also applies to the human being.

Ten years ago, reluctantly, I began to analyze the road back from an illness to the psychological foundation of the person. It is a simple method. That may be a handicap in these times. Simple things are not as readily accepted as difficult theories. The more expensive and the more complicated the treatment, the more people will put their faith in it. The method I shall now present has proven itself in practice over and over, not only subjectively, but also objectively as measured in clinical­ chemical and radiological tests. Everything I tell you, the reader, not only has been proven a thousand times, but can be proven by you yourself. First within you, and then in your relationships with others. It is my hope and desire, that after reading this book, you will say: “How simple!” Just like the patient, who wrote afterwards:

That it is so simple
I found hard to believe
And now that I have proven it
It is beyond my comprehension
My God, how much I missed
By not knowing what I knew.