I see the fingers of the patient with rheumatoid arthritis, which quickly lost some of their swelling; the primary liver tumor, which reduced in size; the cases of lumbago and sciatica, which responded quite markedly; the leukemia patient, whose blood count improved. I remember those first few times that I, a young doctor, used my own theory to do battle with cancer, where older colleagues, specialists, and patients had given up. All this goes through my mind, as I now face having to communicate the simplicity of this thought to an unknown audience, my way of fighting illness from within the person himself, with what he has himself, his psyche, his nature. I don’t mention nutrition and diet, nor medication. I have faith in the wonderful mechanism and organism of the human body, which is eminently able to break down, or not absorb, or filter out harmful substances, and which will find its own way, provided it can do so unrestricted. The control system behind the processes interests me, the processes themselves I trust implicitly. They have never disappointed me.

In this book I shall give a description of the psychological basis and foundation of each individual, even though that basis and foundation is unique for each individual. I shall describe how, with those constant data, everyone has the ability to deliver his optimal effort. Although this book deals mainly with the psyche from an angle that differs from the one we are familiar with in psychology or psychiatry, I must also address the ways of expression open to each person, that is, I must discuss muscles and skeleton.

The description of the psyche I present is of a fairly exact mathematical nature. I am inclined to think mathematically, I am not a philosopher. I do not go into any of the well-known thoughts on the ways a person must build his inner strength, how he must live in order to be happy as based on religious standpoints, or on the views of sects -Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Humanism. Each person is free to have his own convictions. What matters to me, is to lay a foundation. Only then is it possible for a human being to reach his goal.