Love Aggression Depression

Evereyone knows the law of resilience: the mast of a sailing vessel is not rigid and therefore doesn’t break, apliant reed straightens itself after a heavy storm whereas a mighty tree is felled. This law also applies to humans.

People who are able to react with flexibility to the rules and the expectations of others, are better armed against storms that are often waged in our society.

Proceeding from this thought Niek Brouw developed a new approach to the human being, his illness and health, his functioning and dysfunctioning.
An approach wich forces the reader to take stand.

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Discovering Freedom. Recovering Health.
Why do you still think. When you could always feel so well

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Table of contents

Author’s Foreword

Part one: Illness from a different perspective

I Introduction
II Lack of Freedom Causes Illness, Illness  Causes Lack  of Freedom
1. Freedom  and lack of freedom
2. The well-balanced  human being
3. Well-balanced control systems
4. Illness as balance disorder
III The Foundations  of the Unique  Human Being
1. The unique human being
2. The spinal column
3. The muscles