The Foundation

The idea

The foundation believes the intellectual heritage developed by Niek Brouw to be of great importance. The foundation wishes to give impetus to the spread of these ideas and to acquaint a new public with this intellectual heritage.

The activities

The archive the foundation has taken charge of contains a wealth of information.

Besides managing the archive, making it available to the public is a one of the primary tasks of the foundation. We do this in the following ways:

  • through various channels we stimulate the distribution of Niek Brouw’s lectures and books;
  • we stimulate the translation of the books and any resulting international lectures;
  • some lectures can be elaborated on. We are reworking a series of lectures into a short book titled ‘Every Innovation is a Birth’
  • the creation of this website is also a means of communicating Niek Brouw’s ideas.

The News Letter 2016

Donors to the foundation, can read the News Letter by clicking on the icon. Please note, there is no English version available. These are the Dutch newsletters:

Nieuwsbrief Stichting Onderzoek Methode Niek Brouw Oktober 2016

Nieuwsbrief Stichting Onderzoek Methode Niek Brouw Juni 2016

Nieuwsbrief Stichting Onderzoek Methode Niek Brouw Maart 2016

The Governors

The foundation was founded by the follow governors:

  • Mim van der Meij, chair and archive managment;
  • Frieda Drijver, secretary and writer;
  • Rens Looij, treasurer, writer website texts and news letters.

The governors do not receive payment of any kind for their activities on behalf of the foundation.

Annual report 2015

The foundations first annual report has been approved. The annual report 2015 can be read by clicking on the button below. Please note, there is no English version available.

Fact sheet

The Niek Brouw Method Research Foundation
Founded on the 29th of January 2015
Chamber of commerce number / KVK-nummer: 62542311

RSIN: 854859184

Address: Pomonaplein 64, 2564 XS, Den Haag

Bank account number: NL34INGB0006757010