Verbergen doet alleen een dief [“Only a thief has something to hide”]

The wind is a force of nature that can shape entire landscapes. Think about the patterns in the sand at the beach that constantly change, or dunes in the desert that are carried from one place to the next. An external force moves them passively.

External influences often determine the course of our lives. We react to these influences because they are forces stronger than our consciousness or our groundedness. The question is: are we allowing our being to be determined by these external forces unconsciously or is it this force from outside, the wind, that makes our being itself conscious?

Making use of your identity and developing it further is, after all, the purpose of our existence.

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Chapter 1. The fetal phase, the foundation for your later years

Chapter 2. Becoming aware

Chapter 3. Development of Body, Mind and Soul

Chapter 4. Dimensions or possibilities of consciousness

Chapter 5. Development disorders

Chapter 6. The underwater world, diving, descending and emerging

Chapter 7. Urges and compulsive behaviour, where do they come from?

Chapter 8. Nourishment and protection, necessary for growth

Chapter 9. Your daily existence as a mirror for your fetal past

Chapter 10. Sports

Chapter 11. Birth traumas and regressed behaviour

Chapter 12. Present day politics, more fetal than ever

Chapter 13. The relationship beteween the fetal period and neuroses and psychoses

Chapter 14.  Sexuality, determined by our fetal development

Chapter 15.  Pushing through barriers together is to reach unbridled freedom